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Vision and Values

All children are treated as individuals; there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Personalising learning is our aim, giving children the education they need and want.  Learning is active, hands on, engaging and fun.

Welcome to Winter Gardens Academy

A primary school where the education of the individual child defines every activity we do.

“Every learner is entitled to a curriculum rich and varied, challenging and inspiring, which enables every individual to fulfil her or his potential to the highest possible standard; so that all, for the benefit of all, are able to shape their destinies and create a better world.”

We strive for our children to;

  • Respect themselves and the community, seeking to have a positive impact on others
  • Be polite, calm, caring, honest, trustworthy and helpful
  • Be responsible, independent and supportive of each other
  • Be tolerant, open minded and not prejudiced
  • Be determined to have a strong work ethic
  • Have good communication skills
  • Strive for high achievement and standards


At Winter Gardens Academy every child’s happiness matters to us

We encourage them to;

  • Develop their emotional, spiritual, moral and cultural awareness
  • Not to be involved in bullying, racism or any forms or harassment
  • Achieve outstanding results in all key stages
  • Achieve well regardless of their ability, home background, gender or ethnicity
  • Understand and respect others feelings, values and beliefs
  • Be enterprising and willing to take responsibility


We aim to inspire children to take a risk, challenge themselves and have a go through first hand learning experiences.  We facilitate teaching that encourages the children to take control of their learning and to develop into active critical learners in readiness for their onward journey.

Joining Winter Gardens Academy

Children joining in reception are given opportunities to learn through play which is predominantly child-led. It promotes independence and engages children in their learning.  Winter Gardens Academy has a strong focus on building relationships with parents and children before they start school which enables the individual to flourish.


At Winter Gardens Academy, we expect all within the school community to be treated with respect and to help create a claim, purposeful, happy and safe atmosphere within the school.

Emotional Health and Well-Being of children

The school places great importance on the safety, security, happiness and well-being of children.

Special Educational Needs

Winter Gardens Academy is an inclusive school which welcomes all children.  We believe that removing barriers to learning for children enables them to achieve their best.  We seek to provide the most effective support.

High Expectations

At Winter Gardens Academy, we believe that the abilities of every child can be developed through perseverance, determination and hard work.  This view creates a love of learning in children and develops a resilience that is essential in later life.

Growth Mindset

Here at Winter Gardens Academy we embrace the concept of Growth Mindset. This approach develops children’s belief in their own abilities and intelligence.

Extra-Curricular Activities

This is a vital area of the children’s well-being and personal development.  Over the course of a year there are many opportunities for the children to particulate in a variety of after school clubs and activities. Our Breakfast Club is very well attended and, after listening to parental views, we have now started a new exciting after school club called ‘Willows’

Role of the Parents and Carers

At Winter Gardens Academy we believe that parents and carers play a fundamental role in their children’s learning.  The school is committed to working with individual families and their children in order to provide the highest quality education.  We encourage a positive working relationship with our parents and carers.