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Who’s Who

Headteacher  (Safeguarding Lead,  Teaching & Learning)Mrs C Stalham
Pastoral Deputy Headteacher/SENCo (Safeguarding Team Member, &  Attendance Lead)Mrs L Fynn
Teaching & Learning Deputy Headteacher (Safeguarding Team Member)Miss K Herbert
Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding Team Member, EYFS & Years 3/4 Leader) Miss J Vickers
Years 1 & 2 LeaderMrs A Parker
Years 5 & 6 LeaderMiss E Roche
Office ManagerMrs S Moore
Administrative AssistantsMrs L Chandler
Mrs J Young
Attendance and Admissions OfficerMrs D Willis
Pupil Wellbeing Managers (Safeguarding Team Members)Miss J Fretwell

Mr C Fieldstead

School CounsellorMrs K Newman
LibrarianMrs J Exley





Miss R Allison

Mrs D Baillieul

Miss A Edmunds

Mrs R Dorrington (music)

Miss R Everingham
Miss R Hammersley

Mrs J Hopkins

Miss J Knowles

Mrs S Lawrence

Miss A Lake

Mrs  A Parker
Miss E Roche

Mrs A Taghizadeh

Miss L Triggs

Miss J Vickers

Mrs C Virgo

Maths Subject LeaderMiss J Vickers
English Subject LeaderMiss R Hammersley
Writing Subject LeaderMiss K Herbert
Science Subject LeaderMrs A  Parker
R E Subject LeaderMiss L Triggs
PE Subject LeaderMiss R Allison
PSHE/Healthy Schools Subject LeaderMiss R Everingham
Computing Subject LeaderMrs A Taghizadeh
Art & D /T  Subject LeaderMiss A Lake
Geography Subject LeaderMrs S Lawrence
History Subject LeaderMrs D Bailleul
Music Subject LeadersMiss K Herbert & Miss E Roche
MFL Subject LeaderMrs J Hopkins
E Safety LeaderMiss E Roche
School Council LeaderMiss E Roche
Eco Warriers LeaderMrs S Lawrence
Sports Ambassadors/Play LeadersMiss R Allison & Mrs Fogg
Taxonomy Champions
Learning to LearnMrs A Parker
Human DimensionMiss R Everingham
CaringMrs S Lawrence
IntegrationMrs D Baillieul
ApplicationMiss R Allison
Higher Level Teaching/Learning Support AssistantsMrs A Agambar

Mrs C Bonham

Miss A Dixey

Mrs D Fogg

Mrs A Jacobs

Mrs J Mynett

Mrs M Wyer







Learning Support Assistants


Mrs S Dalby

Mrs J Fuller

Mrs S Girvan
Miss A Harvey

Mrs M Holloway

Mrs K Barns Howlett

Mrs D Huckstepp
Mrs L Kemp
Mrs H King

Mrs J Moran

Mrs W Powell

Mrs C Pritchard
Mrs G Saunders
Mrs T Shearcroft
Mrs J Stephenson

Mrs S Thompson
Mrs J Turmaine

Miss S Wiggins

Site ManagerMr D Guyon
Willows Club Miss A Harvey

Mrs J Moran

Mrs M Wyer

Midday AssistantsMrs S Dalby

Mrs  J Davies
Mrs M Holloway
Mrs D Huckstepp
Mrs L Kemp

Mrs  M Keen
Miss K Mardell
Mrs J Moran

Mrs A Petty
Mrs A Pomroy

Mrs C Pritchard

Catering ManagerMrs J Nugent
Assistant CookMrs D Harper
Catering AssistantsMiss A Dudbridge

Mrs T Brock

Breakfast Club AssistantsMrs L Kemp
Mrs A Pomroy
Mrs G SaundersMrs K Mardell




Mrs J Blair

Miss A Dixey

Mrs V Dorrington

Miss K Mardell
Mrs A Pomroy

Mrs H Wood

Preschool ManagerMrs S Daubney
Preschool AssistantsMiss C Coleman-Fry

Mrs M Hallett
Miss M Lowry

Mrs J Nash
Miss M Callaghan