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Welcome to our Geography page where we explore the world around us, investigating similarities and difference between places all over the globe!

Aims of the Geography curriculum

Please click on this link to find the ‘Intent’ for this subject. The ‘Intent’ is our school aim for what we would like the children to be able to do, know and understand by the end of Year 6.

Geography Intent

Below you will find the Progression Document for this subject. This shows what we expect the children to know, do and understand in this subject by the end of each Year group.

Geography Progression document


Delivery of the Geography curriculum

Take a look at our Geography overview, where you can see the areas the children study throughout their time at Winter Gardens.

Geography overview

Here is the Key Geography Knowledge that the children will learn this half term in each year group.


Here is an example of a medium term plan.


Here is an example of a magpie mat. The children use these in their lessons to know what vocabulary they are expected to know each half term.