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Our Governance

The SEAT Board of Directors is accountable for the governance and performance of each of the Academies in South Essex Academy Trust.

The Board is comprised of six non-executive Directors and one ex officio Director. The non-executive Directors are all volunteers who are recruited for their leadership experience within a range of sectors in order to ensure a diverse and balanced skillset on the Board. The ex officio Director is the CEO/Executive Headteacher.

Each Academy has its own Academy Committee comprising of parents, staff, the Headteacher and representatives from the wider community. They represent the school and fulfil their roles and responsibilities using the Scheme of Delegation.

The Scheme of Delegation for Academy Committees can be found here.

The Chair of the Directors is Julie Mulchay.  She can be contacted at:

Julie Mulchay, c/o South Essex Academy Trust Office, Westwood Academy, Beresford Close, Hadleigh, Essex SS7 2SU.

For more detail about our governance arrangements, click here.

More information about the South Essex Academy Trust can be found here.