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Talk for Writing Texts

Please click on the Year group to see the model (WAGOLL РWHAT A GOOD ONE LOOKS LIKE) text that the children are internalising. The writing skills the children are learning during this term are stated in the left hand column of the text.

Talk for writing texts for the Spring term 2020:

Reception Lost and Found, Wishing Story

Year 1, Dexter and the baby dragons, Change Story

Year 2, Toby and the Great Fire of London, WIshing Story

Year 3, Magnet Max, Suspense Tale

Year 4, The Egyptian Cinderella

Year 5, North America, Non Chronological Report

Year 6, Perseus and Medusa Quest Story

Talk for writing texts for the Autumn term 2020:

Year 1 adventure story

Year 2 Beating a monster story

Year 2 – The arctic fox – Non Chronological Report

Year 3 Quest story

Year 3 – Viking at school Adventure Story

Year 4 wishing tale

Year 5 adventure story

Year 5 – The Three Wishes – Wishing Tale

Year 6 warning tale

Talk for writing texts for Autumn 2 2020:

Reception – Stickman – adventure story

Year 1 – Little Penguin – adventure story

Year 2 – The animals are here – POETRY

Year 3 – How to wash a Woolly Mammoth – Instructions

Year 4 – A boy who harnessed the wind – Non Chronological Report Year 4 – A boy who harvessed the wind – Non Chronological Report (Learning Zone)

Year 5 diary entry relating to Extreme Earth

Year 6 – Martin Luther King Biography