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Please click on this link to find the ‘Intent’ for this subject. The ‘Intent’ is our school aim for what we would like the children to be able to do, know and understand.

MFL Intent

Here you can find the Progression Document for this subject. This shows what we expect the children to know, do and understand in this subject for each Year group.

MFL Progression document

At Winter Gardens, we believe our children should develop a good understanding of the world around them. For this reason, we develop their love of languages by studying French. During our study of the French language, we also learn a lot about French cultures and traditions.

Although MFL is not a compulsory KS1 subject, we believe that children should begin to develop the love for languages as soon as they enter our school. Therefore, during Key Stage 1 pupils will begin to recognise French as a spoken language. They will learn to count; name different colours; greet people and begin to follow simple instructions in spoken French. Children will join in with rhymes and songs to develop their love of language.

During Key Stage 2 pupils will learn many more phrases and begin to develop a greater understanding of the language. They will begin to recognise words as print and be able to say basic sentences. Children will develop their listening skills by identifying words which they are familiar with, both in the spoken form and in print.  As children go through the key stage, they will grow in confidence and begin asking and answering questions. They will also begin to write sentences and translate passages. Children will continue to learn rhymes and songs as they develop their love of learning languages